Nesting lines of the series BAZ 890n IQ

Video BAZ 895n IQ

Nesting lines with integrated software and application modules for:

  • cabinet making / furniture fronts
  • frame furniture / upholstery furniture
  • caravan construction
  • facade construction

Intuitive operation and highly efficient dust extraction ensure highest productivity.

Work tables

  • BAZ 890n IQ    2,500 x 1,250 mm
  • BAZ 891n IQ    3,000 x 1,600 mm
  • BAZ 892n IQ    3,000 x 2,100 mm
  • BAZ 895n IQ    4,000 x 2,100 mm

Automatic loading with integrated barcode labelling as well as intelligent workpiece removal ensure smooth operation.

Loading table

Automatic loading

  • hydraulic lifting table with load capacity 3,000 kg
  • lifts the workpiece stack sensor-controlled to the processing height
  • when a workpiece is transferred to the processing machine, the lifting table automatically moves to the correct processing height
  • recesses for loading with forklift
  • BAZ 892n IQ and BAZ 895 IQ: double scissor lift table
  • CNC-controlled beam with pneumatic alignment unit positions the uppermost workpiece with pin-point accuracy (only in conjunction with labelling)


  • maximum stacking height 290 mm
  • maximum stacking height when using a pit 1,000 mm

Pneumatic alignment unit

Option Labelling

Automatic labelling device

  • error-free labelling
  • high efficiency: nesting and labelling of the following workpiece takes place simultaneously
  • identification of each workpiece supports the further production process

Barcode connection

  • barcode scanner and barcode software
  • supported barcodes: 1D barcode, 2D data matrix code


  • label contains the following information:
  • workpiece dimensions, barcode, customer name, order number, information on edge processing, reference point for subsequent processing including all important information for production
  • format can be adapted to customer requirements
  • QR code can be used

Workpiece feeding

Loading station

  • vacuum suction cups safely pick up and transport the workpiece to the work table
  • a compact roller table transports the workpieces gently - thanks to low-friction rollers

Work table

  • grid table for mounting the MDF softboard (panel dimensions 2,070 x 2,800 mm)
  • grooves and chamfers in the grid table provide an optimized vacuum
  • manual control of the vacuum range
  • option: Activation/deactivation of the vacuum depending on the X position of the gantry

Side positioning device

  • stop fence left and right for a trouble-free feeding of the workpieces
  • side alignment cylinder for precise positioning of the infed panel

Drilling and routing

The high-quality Z slide with two separate CNC axes ensures optimum dust extraction, protects the ball screw and guarantees the best routing quality. The weight of the machining units is evenly distributed over two axes. This ensures stability and a higher machining quality.

Main spindle

  • power: 12 kW, 18,000/24,000 RPM
  • tool interface: HSK-63F
  • air cooling, highly precise, stable and durable

Drilling block

  • 10 vertical drills, grid 32 mm
  • drill shank diameter:    10 mm
  • max. drill diameter:    35 mm

Servo driven tool changer with 8 positions

  • HSK-63 F tool interface
  • touch probe for tool length measurement
  • digital AC servo motors - designed for mounting various equipment options
  • empty space detection prevents a crash in case of incorrect operation

Tool sensor and tool holder

  • tool sensor for an efficient tool setting
  • tool change device allows easy tool change
  • tool length is read after change and compared with the integrated tool database

Entladestation und Absaugung

Automatische Entladestation

  • Transportband zur Werkstückbeförderung
  • optoelektronischer Sensor stellt sicher, dass Werkstücke nicht am Ende des Bandes herunterfallen
  • 4 Staubabsaugungsanschlüsse


  • vier zentrale Absaugpunkte für saubere Werkstücke
  • Staubabsaugung am Arbeitstisch bei Entnahme des Werkstücks und Transport zum Entladetisch
  • obere und untere Staubabsaugung zur effizienten Staubentfernung, nachdem das bearbeitete Werkstück den Arbeitstisch verlassen hat
  • programmgesteuerte Absaugstutzen

Technische Daten


BAZ 890n IQ

BAZ 891n IQ

BAZ 892n IQ

BAZ 895n IQ


X-Achse2.500 mm3.000 mm3.000 mm4.000 mm
Y-Achse1.250 mm1.600 mm2.100 mm2.100 mm
max. Werkstückdickemax. 30 mm

Max. Verfahrgeschwindigkeit

X-Achse50 m/min
Y-Achse50 m/min
Z-Achse20 m/min


Drehzahl24.000 UPM
Leistung12 kW

Automatischer Werkzeugwechsler

Anzahl der Werkzeugerundes Werkzeugmagazin mit 8 Positionen


vertikale Bohrer10
max. Bohrdurchmesser35 mm
Leistung1,7 kW
Drehzahl4.000 UPM


Leistung2 x 5,5 kW2 x 7,5 kW
Saugvolumenstrom2 x 160 m3/h2 x 250 m3/h 
Ansaugdruck0,8 kg/cm2


Leitungsdurchmesser1 x 200 mm, 1 x 125 mm
Geschwindigkeitmin. 28 m/s
Anschluss der AnlageØ 250 mm, Höhe 2.400 mm
Absaugleistungmin. 4.950 m3/h
Druckabfallmin. 2.200 Pa
Achtung: Gewichtsentlastung am Absaugschlauch!


 7 bar


Leistung26 kW / 68A31,4 kW/68A35 kW/68A
Frequenz50 Hz
Spannung400 V, 3 Phasen


Länge x Breite *10.000 x 3.500 mm12.850 x 4.500 mm12.850 x 5.000 mm15.850 x 5.000 mm
Maschinenhöhe2.600 mm
Gewicht6.000 kg7.600 kg8.160 kg9.000 kg

* Hinweis: zuzügl. Sicherheitseinrichtungen je nach örtlichen Gegebenheiten